From our passion - working with and in nature - with and for people - we have developed through experience, commitment, hard work and further training into specialists for wooden structures on trees and adventure playgrounds. (may well be that our two children - 8 years and 5 years old - contributed to the step towards the second ????)

Our passion for traveling and discovering wonderful places as well as Birgit's work as a forest educator has opened another door for us for some time: the conception and planning of adventure and tourism concepts.

Bastian's carpentry training and creativity benefit us just as much when designing with unique natural furniture as his know-how when building viewing platforms, via ferratas or suspension bridges.

Our desire to constantly develop and try new things has led to the design, conception, development and construction of our 3 "newest" products:

  • treetop paths
  • floating platforms (in combination with suspension bridges) and
  • individual tree houses

All of our "products" are characterized by the following essential features:

  • every product is unique
  • we build close to nature and environmentally conscious
  • all objects are made of natural materials, have character and are therefore "lively", i.e. they also change over time
  • we prefer to use local types of wood from the local sawmill, if possible
  • we only use wood chips as fall protection
  • every object is tested by TÜV

In order for all these unique products and projects to be implemented, our family business has grown in recent years and we consider ourselves lucky and are grateful to have found a young, competent, creative, committed and motivated team for the realization of our ideas.

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"We only climb and play - but it's professional and good"