Adventure Playgrounds

The outstanding difference between our playgrounds and traditional playgrounds certainly is the involvement of trees as part of the playground equipment if only possible! Creating a playground WITH nature is very important to us. Our construction technique on and with trees makes it possible to create natural game situations that train and strengthen mobility, body awareness and self-confidence. Thus, trees do not have to be felled to make room for play! On the contrary!! Our tree-sparing construction technique avoids costly felling and cleaning of the playing surface and unnecessary cementing of foundations for climbing frames. If there is no tree on the site, we will build masts made of local wood, on which the climbing course will be fixed. Depending on your wishes and target group, we also design playgrounds for toddlers, sandpits and water play areas, swings, wood sculptures, playhouses, slides and zip lines.

"Nature has to be felt." - Alexander von Humboldt